Executive Team

Cal Clausen

Cal Clausen

Cal Clausen is responsible for all aspects of Hotel Operation including winning numerous awards for properties over five states. Prior to forming Sterling Hospitality, Cal’s background includes working all components of Hotel Operations including budgeting, employee relations, sales and marketing. Cal has personally operated as a property General Manager and Senior Manager overseeing 20 properties in the Western United States while achieving a CHA, Certified Hotel Administrator from American Hotel & Motel Association. Cal is an active participant in the Spokane Area Chamber of Commerce and Spokane Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. His personal interests include Bass Fishing and Nascar Auto Racing.

Kent Clausen

Kent Clausen, CPA

Kent Clausen, with a diverse financial and development background, is responsible for all aspects of financial management, including financing, legal and tax issues, financial statement review, budgets, proforma analysis and owner communications. Kent’s education includes Bachelor in Business Management and Accounting, CPA from the University of Montana. Following his education and playing for the Montana Grizzlies, Kent signed on with the New York Jets for two years. He then practiced public accounting for an international accounting firm in Seattle for three years and later managed US West Cellular’s real estate and construction departments in 14 states. His personal interests include target shooting, bird hunting, and athletics.